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Thermal Scanner Systems

A Thermal Scanner System is a camera system that captures a type of image using the heat generated from the surface of the object.The thermal radiations are that are emitted by different objects either living or non living objects is identified using the special lens in the camera system.To this thermal camera system a LED/LCD display is also attached which shows live readings of the heat being generated.
Depending on the different application the size of the thermal scanner systems changes.The popular size of the thermal camera system is the handheld system.The cost of the Thermal scanner system depends on the size or type of applications it is being intended to be used for.

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Types of Thermal Scanner :

Thermal Bullet Cameras : Thermal Bullet Cameras are used are thermal cameras that can be used in harsh outdoor climatic conditions ranging for extreme Extreme Heat to heavy rains, fog, etc .These camera among many other applications finds its application mainly in Perimeter Protection/ Border Security for intrusion detection, forest areas to detect forest fires etc.

Thermal Bullet Camera

Thermal Dome Camera : Thermal Dome Camera find their usage mainly in indoor locations like warehouses, conference halls as they are blen in the interior locations as it is more aesthetically suited indoors due to its small size compared to bullets cameras.

Thermal Dome Camera

Hand-Held Thermal Cameras : Hand-held Thermal camera has an embedded LCD screen on the device to display the thermal image directly, this type of hand held thermal camera finds its application in monitoring temperature changes in Industrial Switch gear/ in IT industry to monitor servers and routers in data centers, in Building Inspection moisture retention, by energy Auditors for checking refrigerant leaks in air-conditioning, and during this ongoing covid-19 crisis this type of cameras are being used in motoring crowds at shopping Malls, Sports Arenas, and in large corporate offices.

Hand Held Thermal Camera

Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Camera : This camera has both a thermal imaging sensor as well a regular image sensor which gives both thermal image as well a normal image, this type of camera offers a great advantage as it captures both the thermal image as well a normal image , this camera has an advantage over normal thermal camera which produces pictures that are devoid of distinguishable features . This feature is particularly useful in thermal screening of people for fever which is a main symptom of COVID-19.

Thermal Bi Spectrum

Thermal & Optical Bi-spectrum Network Stable PTZ Camera : This camera has both a high sensitive Thermal imaging sensor as well as a optical imaging sensor along with a PAN -TILT- ZOOM functionalities which are particularly useful in place like Seaports and on Ships . The thermal sensors in these cameras are so efficient that can detect fire at up-to 10 kms distance.

Thermal Bi Spectrum

Thermal Access Control Solutions

Thermal access control systems are access control systems embedded with a thermal image sensor . This allows the camera to restrict access to people who have elevated skin temperature which could be a sign of infection, by restricting access to the possibly infected person into the premises can arrest against the spread of infection among other employees . This type of system is used widely in Large factories, Software companies etc as this provides both thermal screening as well as time and attendance in one package .

Thermal Scanner India

Thermal Camera Door Frame Metal detector

Thermal Camera Door Frame Metal detector : A Door frame metal detector is a really helpful to law enforcement in detecting explosives, they detect the presence of metallic substances on any person who passes through it . It is useful in explosive detection as terrorists use metal fragments or shrapnel to cause greater damage. When embedded with a thermal camera this system can scan people for elevated skin temperatures thereby performing both thermal screening and Metal Detection .

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