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We at Secure World Security Systems carry many years of experience in IP CCTV Camera Systems serving both commercial and residential clients.
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Main Features of our CC Camera Systems

Multi Device Support

Our CC Camera Systems are configured to view live feed on any type of device i.e Desktop,Laptop,Tablet and Smartphone.

Stunning Clarity

We supply CCTV Systems which deliver superior HD clarity picture,yet very affordable.

Comprehensive Onsite Support

Although Our systems are strong and foolproof,we offer comprehensive warranty of 3years.

Types of CC Camera Systems.

IP Camera

IP Camera is type of CCTV that gives best clarity because the video is transmitted using Ethernet.

IP Camera Systems In India

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras get its name because of its shape.They are strongly built and are generally used in exterior environments.

Best Bullet cameras in India

PTZ Camera

A PTZ Camera can be used to remotely adjust the Pan,Tilt and Zoom to aim at desired location.

PTZ Camera Systems

Dome Camera

This type of camera comes with dome casing,its non-obtrusive design will benefit us, as it is difficult to see in which direction the camera is pointing.

PinHole Camera

PinHole CCTV Camera are very small, they can be concealed easily to spy or conduct discreet surveillance operations.

Board Camera

Board Cameras form the base of any CCTV System,They can be used to build custom CC Camera Solutions.

board cameras

DVR,NVR & Storage

DVR/NVR are used to control CCTV Cameras,Hard Disk’s which record the streaming of camera is housed in DVR/NVR.

CCTV Monitor

We also supply Wide Screen HD,Full HD Monitors that are best suited for surveillance.

CCTV Monitors and TV are available in India

Major Brands of CCTV Systems

cp plus camera systems
ACTi Camera
Pelco CCTV systems
axis communications cctv
bosch security
Honeywell CCV
Complete range of Samsung CCTV

Vivotek CCTV systems in India

Types of CCTV Camera Systems.

Analog HD Camera.
Analog CCTV Camera the traditional analog CCTV cameras capture an analog video signal and transfer that signal over coax cable to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). This DVR converts the analog signal to digital, compresses it, and then stores it on hard disk drive.

IP Camera
With IP Camera each camera captures an analog image and converts it to digital.This video stream is sent over an Ethernet cable to a Network Video Recorder(NVR).

Night Vision Camera
Almost every CCTV system is capable of being a night vision camera,IR LED bulbs on the camera are activated when there is no light.
Because of the use of IR LED’s the image in this mode is in monochrome.

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